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Invoice Number INV-1264
Invoice Date 10/16/2020
Total Due $150.00
Best Friend Services
  1. Install or confirm the best security plugins are configured on the site.

  2. The homepage is loading mix content and does not load secure SSL cert.

  3. Optimize all images on the website.

  4. Fix online partners' links.

  5. Legible Font Sizes

    There is some text on your page that is small and may not be legible enough for particular

    users. We recommend reviewing all text on your page in different devices to ensure that it is of appropriate size.

  6. Setup or confirm weekly backups are implemented.

  7. Inline Styles

    Your page appears to be using inline styles. Inline-styles are an older coding practice and

    discouraged in favor of using CSS style sheets, due to their ability to degrade page load

    performance and unnecessarily complicate HTML Code.

  8. Add ALT tags on all images

  9. Review and Increase Font Sizes across devices.

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3 Development Services

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Total Due $150.00