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Custom email for new registrations for


Can we have this message sent to them vs what is there now? I’ll email you what I get when I do a test registration. Also, hopefully you can make this in the functions.php or somewhere where I can apply it to other usage of this theme.


To set a password and create your firm/organization listing:


1.       Go to the following address to create a password: [this will be the link WordPress generates]


2.       Then go to the following address to add your listing:


3.       Select Firms in the category dropdown menu, click Continue


4.       You may provide all the following information in your firm listing:


·         The name of your firm/organization

·         Description in the Details field

·         Practice type (select all that apply in dropdown menu)

·         Website URL with optional link text

·         City and zip code in which your firm is located

·         Up to two social media account links

·         Specialty areas of your practice

·         Up to three images, landscape format, 1200px wide x 675px high is best

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Create a new custom email for new registrations

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