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I asked you about this a while ago, I'm ready to make it happen now. This theme that I've been using has all the H tags jacked up (not good for SEO) Can you quote me to go in there and add H1 tags?
Here are all the pages, and as you can see their are hardly any H1s. The existing "Request a Quote" can be changed to something else, but the size and font should stay the same so it doesn't get jacked up.
Can you help me with this? I'm also attaching screenshots of H tags.
Screenshots: 1st one WEB DESIGN GRAPHIC DESIGN PRINT should be H1
2nd and 3rd the main title should be H1 "Graphic Design" Website Design" as well as titles on all the p
Also, portfolio pages (4th screenshot), title should be in H1
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2 Wonkasoft Design and Development services

edit H1 tags

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